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Originally hosted on Facebook, we have decided to migrate to our own independent website. With our own website we will have much more control over the formatting of articles as well as the ability to add menu links for every pistol and rifle that we add. This alone is a huge advantage over what Facebook has to offer and will be of significant benefit to our readers.

But don’t worry, we intend to keep our Facebook page and post regular updates from here to there. So you will still receive updates directly to your newsfeed as usual except that when you click on them, they will open in your browser instead of Facebook.

Please bear with us whilst we migrate our articles, guides and photographs across to our new platform.

Happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee

Featured post

The History of Diana and the “MGR” Air Pistol (c. 1892 – c. 1914)

In this article, through what many would consider an insignificant air pistol, we discover the origins of the world-renowned airgun company Diana. We will learn about Diana’s rise and fall and then its rebirth from the ashes of World War II. How it was, and still is, a world leader of airgun innovation which has shaped the evolution of spring airguns that we use today. Continue reading “The History of Diana and the “MGR” Air Pistol (c. 1892 – c. 1914)”

Drulov DU-10 “Condor” (c. 1995 – c. 2010) by Lověna-Družstvo

This Czech Drulov DU-10 “Condor” target pistol was a recent birthday present from Jimmie Dee Snr, thanks Dad! Continue reading “Drulov DU-10 “Condor” (c. 1995 – c. 2010) by Lověna-Družstvo”

Lincoln Jeffries “Scout” (c. 1922 to 1926) Instagram Photos

This is the very rare Lincoln Jeffries “Scout”. It’s a pop-out pistol that was manufactured between c. 1922 and 1926 during the dawn of the British airgun revolution. It was available either blued or nickel-plated. Many had no markings other than on the grip whereas a few were stamped “LINCOLN JEFFRIES JUNR 120 STEELHOUSE LANE BIRMINGHAM” on the front edge of the grip frame. Continue reading “Lincoln Jeffries “Scout” (c. 1922 to 1926) Instagram Photos”

Diana Mod 2 (1955 to 1983) Instagram Photos

This one is a Diana “Original” Mod 2 complete with its original box. It’s quite rare to find one of these along with its box! Continue reading “Diana Mod 2 (1955 to 1983) Instagram Photos”

Weihrauch HW45 – Trigger Adjustment

Last week, I acquired another, yes, a fourth HW45 air pistol. “Four!” you say? Yeah, I must be a magnet for them. I’ll go into my reasons in another post. Anyway, whilst I had all four together I checked them over for variations and chronographed each of them to see how they compared.

Immediately I noticed that each trigger was configured differently. Probably as they were all pre-owned pistols, each owner had fiddled with the trigger adjustments. Well those tiny grub screws in the trigger blade are very tempting. Continue reading “Weihrauch HW45 – Trigger Adjustment”

Weihrauch HW45 (Early Variant c. 1988) Instagram Photos

A new pistol for the collection! An early variant c.1988 Weihrauch HW45. This is a .22 calibre model which on the early models had a single cocking position providing full power. The .177 model had a half power as well as a full power setting. Continue reading “Weihrauch HW45 (Early Variant c. 1988) Instagram Photos”

Busy in the studio this evening. Trying something new…. a video guide!

J.G. Anschütz Dolla MKII (c.1929 to 1939) Instagram Photos

This is the Dolla MKII manufactured by J.G. Anschütz between c.1929 and 1939 in Zella St Blasii-Mehlis, Thüringen, Germany – probably the gun capital of Germany at the time. Yes, that’s right, this pistol was made by the famous Anschütz family that are renowned throughout the world for their Olympic quality biathlon and target rifles. Continue reading “J.G. Anschütz Dolla MKII (c.1929 to 1939) Instagram Photos”

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