FB Record LP2 (1967 onwards) Instagram Photos

The FB Record LP2 was manufactured by Fritz Barthelmes KG, West Germany from 1967. It is still in production today. The interesting part of this air pistol is the barrel spring catch which is on the right hand side of the barrel. Normally the catch is found underneath the barrel on most break-barrel air guns.

Until next time, happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee


FB Record LP1 (1967 onwards) Instagram Photos

Another new addition to the collection – it’s been a busy month! This time it’s an FB Record LP1. Well, actually two of them. I hedged my bets at a closed auction and won both of them! Continue reading “FB Record LP1 (1967 onwards) Instagram Photos”

FB Record Jumbo “Deluxe” (1983 to c. 1997) Instagram Photos

The FB Record Jumbo “Deluxe”. Manufactured in West Germany from 1983 to circa 1997. Continue reading “FB Record Jumbo “Deluxe” (1983 to c. 1997) Instagram Photos”

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