Milbro “Cub” Automatic Air Pistol (1946 to 1980s)

The Milbro Cub “automatic” air pistol is actually a French design that was manufactured by Pneuma-Tir as the “PNEUMA-TIR 500” from the mid 1940s, perhaps 1946, to sometime in the 1980s. That’s quite an impressive production run! Mind you, I’m not so sure that the British Milbro Cub was produced for as long as the French PNEUMA-TIR 500. Continue reading “Milbro “Cub” Automatic Air Pistol (1946 to 1980s)”

J.G. Anschütz “Keenfire” (c.1936 to c.1938)

A good year ago I wrote a short article about the J.G. Anschütz Dolla MKII. I mentioned in that article that the Dolla MKII had also been imported to the United States and sold as the “Keenfire”. As luck would have it, a fellow collector from the United States contacted me with a boxed Keenfire that he wished to sell. I’m pleased to say that it has now found a new home in Jimmie Dee’s collection.

Continue reading “J.G. Anschütz “Keenfire” (c.1936 to c.1938)”

Predom Lucznik KL. 170 Air Pistol (c. 1972 to c. 1980) – Cased

This is the Predom Lucznik KL. 1970 air pistol. It was manufactured by Zaklady Metalowe Predom-Lucznik in Radom, Poland from at least 1972 to about 1980 according to the last known advertisement. It is a copy of the Walther LP53 albeit far less refined. Continue reading “Predom Lucznik KL. 170 Air Pistol (c. 1972 to c. 1980) – Cased”

A Service Guide for the BSA Scorpion Air Pistol

A few weeks ago, a fellow airgun enthusiast asked me if I could service his friend’s BSA Scorpion air pistol. I thought sure, providing I can get the parts I will have a go. Of course it was also an opportunity to fully strip one down and write a service guide for anyone else that may need to repair or service their vintage BSA Scorpion. Continue reading “A Service Guide for the BSA Scorpion Air Pistol”

Weihrauch HW44 Air Pistol Case

A special case for a special air pistol! Considering the cost of these air pistols, you would expect Weihrauch to supply them with a custom foam lined case. Instead they are shipped in a cardboard box. Luckily, the owner of this air pistol stumbled across the custom foam lined cases on this website and requested one for this air pistol. Continue reading “Weihrauch HW44 Air Pistol Case”

Webley and Scott Junior (Series 2 – Suncorite B) (1973)

Here’s another recent addition to the collection. A 1973 Series 2 “Suncorite” Webley and Scott Junior air pistol.

Continue reading “Webley and Scott Junior (Series 2 – Suncorite B) (1973)”

Webley and Scott MKI “Double Spring Clip” Air Pistol (1924)

What can I say! An absolutely fantastic example of one of Webley and Scott’s first air pistols. These air pistols are über rare on their own but this one is a complete package. Original box, original box of pellets, original spare breech seal with envelope, original sales leaflet and barrel cleaning brush. Continue reading “Webley and Scott MKI “Double Spring Clip” Air Pistol (1924)”

BSA Scorpion (Late Variant) (1985 to 1992)

Finally! A superb example of the BSA Scorpion to add to the collection! This is the later model in .22 and is complete with case and all the paperwork and accessories. Continue reading “BSA Scorpion (Late Variant) (1985 to 1992)”

Here’s some peculiar targets. I assume they’re German as they came with the Crosman 38T “Target” air pistol from Germany. Very strange, especially the one with the wasps!

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