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Originally hosted on Facebook, we have decided to migrate to our own independent website. With our own website we will have much more control over the formatting of articles as well as the ability to add menu links for every pistol and rifle that we add. This alone is a huge advantage over what Facebook has to offer and will be of significant benefit to our readers.

But don’t worry, we intend to keep our Facebook page and post regular updates from here to there. So you will still receive updates directly to your newsfeed as usual except that when you click on them, they will open in your browser instead of Facebook.

Please bear with us whilst we migrate our articles, guides and photographs across to our new platform.

Happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee

Featured post

Riflescope Setup – Part 1: Eye Relief

I thought I would write a series of articles about how to correctly setup your riflescope. This will be the first article and it will show you how to correctly setup your riflescope for the optimum field of view. Future articles will cover scope cant, how to quickly and efficiently zero your riflescope and another will discuss calibration of your riflescope and rifle combination using Chairgun Pro Continue reading “Riflescope Setup – Part 1: Eye Relief”

J.G. Anschütz JGA Air Pistol (early 1950’s to early 1960’s)

Following the end of World War II, the Anschütz family fled Russian occupied East Germany and re-established their business in Ulm, West Germany. In 1951, the restrictions on airgun manufacture in Germany was lifted. It seems that the Anschütz family wasted no time and started production of the JGA air pistol. Continue reading “J.G. Anschütz JGA Air Pistol (early 1950’s to early 1960’s)”

Targ-Aire Air Pistol (1946 to 1947)

The Targ-Aire air pistol was originally manufactured by the Targ-Aire Pistol Company in Chicago, Illinois from 1946 to 1947. The company was later purchased by the R. J. Randle Ranco Tool Company in 1947 and production continued until 1951 during which the pistol was called the Ranco and marked accordingly. Continue reading “Targ-Aire Air Pistol (1946 to 1947)”

Theoben Rapid MKII Deluxe Limited Edition

The Theoben Rapid MKII “Deluxe” Limited Edition air rifle in .177 calibre. This is the latest air rifle to be added to the collection. I had been thinking about buying a .177 calibre air rifle for quite some time and found this by a chance look through the classified adverts. Some of you already know that Jimmie Dee’s collection already includes a .22 Theoben Rapid and so this .177 Deluxe edition fits in very nicely. Continue reading “Theoben Rapid MKII Deluxe Limited Edition”

Hy-Score 800C “Target Model” Air Pistol (1948 to 1961)

The Hy-Score 800C “Target Model” air pistol is a U.S. designed air pistol that was manufactured by the Hy-Score Arms Company from 1948 to 1961. Although production ended in 1961, it was still available to purchase until about 1970. Continue reading “Hy-Score 800C “Target Model” Air Pistol (1948 to 1961)”

Leading-in a barrel. What is it and why you need to do it…

I’m sure many will have heard the term leading-in a barrel. Or perhaps you’ve heard of it without realising by being told to run-in a new air rifle by shooting a tin of pellets through it. I have heard this many times over but never seen any documented evidence of this. So I thought I’d have a go at recording the effect in practise. Continue reading “Leading-in a barrel. What is it and why you need to do it…”

Diana (Milbro) Mark IV / G4 (1950 to 1977)

The Diana (Milbro) Mark IV or G4 air pistol is an over-lever air pistol that is similar to the EM-GE Zenith. The Mark IV was available with a rifled barrel as the G4, or a smoothbore barrel which was designated the G4S. It was manufactured by Milbro from 1950 to 1977 and available in a blued finish with wooden stock. Continue reading “Diana (Milbro) Mark IV / G4 (1950 to 1977)”

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