Welcome to Jimmie Dee’s Airguns – a website dedicated to our collection of rare, vintage and not so rare modern airguns.

Jimmie Dee’s Airguns was born from a desire to catalogue the airguns of our collection. Initially we began by taking simple photographs of each item and posting them on Facebook. Each post included a brief description of the airgun and some basic facts such as the manufacturer and date of production. The intention was to develop a photographic library that we could use to help us decide what to take to the range.

However, as we looked beyond the basic facts of each airgun, we soon realised that there was a lot more to many of the airguns than meets the eye. We noticed that for some airguns, the history of the companies or the individual inventors were often far more significant than the airgun itself. But we also found that there wasn’t a single “go to” source of reference that captured all this information. Some could be found in a book here, another book there, a website, patent records and various online libraries.

We realised that we had to put this all in a set of concise articles and publish them. Not just for our own interest, but for everyone. And so, Jimmie Dee’s Airguns was born.

We hope you enjoy looking at and reading about our collection.

Please note that we do not provide a valuation service, service airguns or sell parts, airguns or ammunition.

Happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee


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  1. I have come to own an old and rusted gun that my grandfather plowed up 60 or more hear a ago. I believe it is a quackebush but thought you would be the one to able to positively identify it.

    I can send a pic or two to help ID it if I can get an email to send it to.


    Phil Cotterell

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