Weihrauch HW45 – Trigger Adjustment

Last week, I acquired another, yes, a fourth HW45 air pistol. “Four!” you say? Yeah, I must be a magnet for them. I’ll go into my reasons in another post. Anyway, whilst I had all four together I checked them over for variations and chronographed each of them to see how they compared.

Immediately I noticed that each trigger was configured differently. Probably as they were all pre-owned pistols, each owner had fiddled with the trigger adjustments. Well, those tiny grub screws in the trigger blade are very tempting.

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A Service Guide for the Theoben Rapid MKII

Recently, I took my Theoben Rapid MKII out of its case to give it a shakedown test ahead of some fieldwork. It’s been quite a while since I have used this particular rifle. In fact, I have been neglecting my rifle collection in favour of pistols for a good year or so. I know, it really is unforgivable to ignore such a superb air rifle. Nonetheless, out she came. Still full of air as the day I had carefully packed her away. I cocked the bolt back and checked that she was not loaded. Of course it wasn’t but you can never be too cautious. I pushed the bolt forwards and whilst pointing it in a safe direction, I pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. I tried again. Still nothing. Oh dear, I have a cocked rifle with no means to discharge it!

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