Restoration Project – Crosman 38T “Target” – Part 1

A new pistol for the collection arrived from Germany last week. It’s a Crosman 38T “Target” model. The “Target” model is .177 calibre as opposed to the early .22 38T that Crosman produced. It is identical in all ways except externally it has a plastic rear sight and a plastic cylinder. Internally it has an alloy valve body as opposed to the brass valve body of the early model.

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Crosman Mark I (Late Model 1981-1983)

A new addition to the collection – a Crosman Mark I (late model 1981-1983) air pistol. The early model has a power adjuster fitted under the barrel that allows the owner to adjust the preload on the hammer spring. Late models were also fitted with a button style CO2 capsule piercing cap. The key difference between the Mark I and the Mark II is the calibre and grip colour. The Mark II has black grips and is .177 calibre whereas the Mark I has brown grips and is .22 calibre.

The box of this example has been cared for very well. There are no tears anywhere. It also has a box of four unused CO2 capsules, a partially full tin of Crosman Super Pells and the instruction manual.

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Until next time, happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee

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