An Eisenwerke Gaggenau MF, or is it?

In this article, I will try to unravel the identity of a mysterious new pistol recently acquired for Jimmie Dee’s collection. At first appearance, one could be mistakenly drawn to the conclusion that it is a Daredevil Dinkum, a later copy of Michael Flürscheim’s MF air pistol. However, as we shall discover together, a close detailed inspection throws much doubt about its identity…

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Eisenwerke Gaggenau “MF” (1878 to 1900)

The Eisenwerke Gaggenau “MF” was possibly Germany’s first mass-produced air pistol. Designed by Michael Flürscheim it was manufactured between 1878 and 1900. A full article on the air pistol, Michael Flürscheim and the Eisenwerke Gaggenau company can be found here.

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Jimmie Dee

The Eisenwerke Gaggenau “MF” (1878 to 1900) by Michael Flürscheim

In this article, I discuss what is possibly Germany’s oldest production air pistol and its inventor. We will discover how he built a significant business that is still in operation today, his social ideologies and his demise. We also discover that some of Germany’s most influential firearms designers and weapons of the 20th century owe their roots to this man. Get yourself a nice drink and get comfy as this is going to be a long read…

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