Fake or Authentic?

Recently [this article was first published on November 23rd, 2016] on the airgunbbs.com, a group of keen collectors were discussing a 1924 “double spring clip” Webley and Scott Mark I 1st series air pistol that had appeared at an auction. The discussion centered around whether the pistol in the auction was authentic. Continue reading “Fake or Authentic?”

Lověna-Družstvo “Lov 2” (c. 1960 – c. 2001) Instagram Photos

The Lov 2, a recent addition to the collection, is a pop-out pistol that was manufactured by Lověna-Družstvo in Prague. Precise manufacturing dates are not known but may have been from 1960 until at least 2001. Continue reading “Lověna-Družstvo “Lov 2” (c. 1960 – c. 2001) Instagram Photos”

Webley and Scott Tempest (1979-1981) Instagram Photos

Another recent purchase, a Webley and Scott Tempest in .177 calibre and complete with the black presentation box. This is the second variant manufactured from 1979 to 1981. The second variant is easily distinguishable from the first with an indentation filled with red paint to form the safety indicator rather than a red dot on a plastic label.

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