The Crosman Sheridan Cowboy

I’m not one for writing reviews per se. Normally, I only write articles about the airguns in Jimmie Dee’s collection, their designers, the history of the manufacturer and so on. I am unlikely to write a review of the kind you would find in magazines that are designed to plug the airgun at hand. However, I was recently asked by Sportsguns if I would be interested in writing one for them. I thought about it and asked what the airgun would be. The response was the Crosman Sheridan Cowboy. At least it wasn’t a replica of a modern semi-automatic. I’m a bit of a fan of authentic six shooter replicas. Especially those from an era filled with history and adventure. Go on then, I thought. Let’s take a look at it. Continue reading “The Crosman Sheridan Cowboy”

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