Air Match 600 Target Air Pistol (late 1980s)

The Air Match 600 single stroke pneumatic is an Italian target air pistol that was manufactured by Air Match in the late 1980s. It is side lever cocking but interestingly, as the lever is extended, it causes the barrel to slide forwards to reveal the breech at which point the pistol can be loaded. The hammer is cocked only when the lever is fully extended. The whole movement is very smooth and there is no free movement of the barrel at all.

Of course being a target pistol, the trigger is fully adjustable and I must say that it is sublime! Just ahead of the fully adjustable rear sight is a small lever. In the forward position, it holds the valve open. This allows the shooter to cock the pistol without charging it. Thus allowing the shooter to practice hold, aim and firing the pistol without actually discharging it. In the rearward position, the pistol can be cocked and charged ready for actual live firing.

The grip fits me perfectly. It’s as though it was made for me. It fits so snugly, yet not tightly, that I barely need to grip the pistol. It fits so well that it positions the pad of my finger perfectly onto the trigger blade.

In their day, perhaps 30 years ago, these pistols were highly praised for their accuracy. Yet they are pretty rare items to find today. Perhaps because the cast alloy compression chamber is known to burst! This one is complete with its original case, keys, both weights, foresight extension, user instruction manual and an Air Match sticker.

Am I looking forward to some range time with this one? You betcha I am!

Until next time, happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee

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