J.G. Anschütz JGA Air Pistol (early 1950’s to early 1960’s)

Following the end of World War II, the Anschütz family fled Russian occupied East Germany and re-established their business in Ulm, West Germany. In 1951, the restrictions on airgun manufacture in Germany was lifted. It seems that the Anschütz family wasted no time and started production of the JGA air pistol.

The JGA was the successor of the Dolla MKII which was produced between 1929 and 1939. Just like the Dolla MKII, the JGA is also a push-in/pop-out style air pistol and fired .177 calibre slugs and darts. In fact, it closely resembles the Dolla MKII. Originally, the JGA was of steel construction but had plastic grips whereas the Dolla MKII had wooden grips. There is some doubt regarding the production of the all-steel variant as no such examples have been found so far.

The Burgo 1952 – 1953 Catalogue courtesy of the Vintage Airgun Gallery

Both the JGA and the Mod 100 were advertised and available with vinyl holsters. There are at least three examples of these holsters coloured green, black or brown. This particular example was found with an embossed tan coloured holster. It is difficult to say if it is original or not. However, it fits perfectly and the shape matches other known examples and so I am inclined to believe it to be original.

Both the Anschütz JGA and Mod 100 air pistols seem to be particularly rare to find making this JGA a good addition to the push-in/pop-out air pistols of the Jimmie Dee collection.

Until next time, happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee

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