Diana (Milbro) Mark IV / G4 (1950 to 1977)

The Diana (Milbro) Mark IV or G4 air pistol is an over-lever air pistol that is similar to the EM-GE Zenith. The Mark IV was available with a rifled barrel as the G4, or a smoothbore barrel which was designated the G4S. It was manufactured by Milbro from 1950 to 1977 and was available in a blued finish with wooden stock.

There are numerous variants of the Mark IV. Some, like this example, had a “Diana” medallion on the grip whereas others did not. Some had a hooded front sight whereas others did not. The shape of the hood also had two variants! Some pistols had a wedge-shaped from sight and others a pillar style front sight. The rear sight would also vary. Some, probably earlier variants, had a fixed metal “v” rear sight whereas this example has a plastic numbered adjustable rear sight for elevation. Those with fixed rear sights would be adjusted for windage via the front sight. The colour of the grip would also vary from variant to variant with some being dark brown and others being medium brown or orange coloured.

The markings can also vary from variant to variant. This example is marked “MARK IV MADE IN GT BRITAIN” whereas others have the Huntress logo and “DIANA MARK IV MADE IN GT BRITAIN”, or the Huntress logo and “MILBRO MARK IV MADE IN GT BRITAIN” or just “MILBRO MARK IV MADE IN GT BRITAIN” without the Huntress logo. There is also a variant stamped with just “MK. IV”.

It would seem there is an almost unending number of variations of this air pistol to collect!

Until next time, happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee

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