Diana Mod 2 (1955 to 1983)

This one is a Diana “Original” Mod 2 complete with its original box. It’s quite rare to find one of these along with its box!

The Diana “Original” Mod 2 is a post-WWII air pistol made by the “original” Diana company. After the fall of the Third Reich, the French sold the Diana brand and equipment to Milbro who were a major British importer of Diana airguns prior to WWII. When Germany was allowed to restart weapons manufacture, Diana was rebranded as Diana “Original” until Milbro ceased to trade. Diana then regained the right to use the Diana trademark and their original “huntress” logo.

These post-war variants were made from 1955 to 1983.

This one seems to have hardly been used. The stock is unmarked and the varnish is intact. The bluing is immaculate with just some small signs that it has been used a few times before being put back in its box and forgotten about for decades.

Quite a lucky find!

Until next time, happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee

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