EM-GE Zenit M (circa 1937 to 1940) Instagram Photos

Another recent addition to the collection – the rare EM-GE Zenit M repeater. This pistol was manufactured in Germany from around 1937 to 1940 in Zella Mehlis, Germany.

Based on the single shot version of the Zenit, a magazine and loader was fitted to the breech of the barrel. The magazine has a capacity of up to 10 pellets which are gravity fed into the loader. Each time the pistol is cocked, a pellet would drop into the loader or breech. Typically the magazine was made of an alloy and was prone to breakage if the pellets jammed in the loader. This example has a metal magazine which may or may not be a replica. It has been suggested that both alloy and metal magazines variants were produced.

Interestingly, on the right hand side is an impression of a ship or liner with “GERMANY” stamped within. I haven’t seen this on any other airgun other than on an EM-GE starter pistol.

A full review will be uploaded in due course.

Until next time, happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee


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