“Improved” Bull Dog Pellets by Frank Clarke c. 1930s

Here are two rare boxes of “Improved” Bull Dog pellets. Aren’t they amazing? You don’t see airgun products like this anymore with such patriotism emblazoned with a British bulldog and the Union Jack.

I think they date from the 1930s and were manufactured and sold by the famous Frank Clarke. The word “improved” makes me wonder if there was a previous version of these pellets. Take a close look at the marketing hype with statements such as “maximum accuracy” and “famous the world over”. They could get away with saying anything in those days!

Did you know that not only did Frank Clarke make and sell airguns but he also invented the automated tea making machine? So next time you see one in your hotel room, whenever that might be, give a little thought to Frank who gave us guns like the Britannia and Warrior air pistols, not forgetting the Webley MKI! Yes, he was instrumental with that famous air pistol too!

Until next time, happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee

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  1. Loverly pellet boxes. Shame there is nothing like them made today, maybe only Marksman. I have visited Frank Clarkes grave, only 15 miles from me, no mention on the headstone of the great mans achievements.

  2. Improved BULLDOG pellets….years ago i was in an old curio shop in Raeburn street Edinburgh looking for airgun items and the lady went straight to a stuffed cabinet to produce a battered box of five hundred 177./nr.1 bore..She did’nt charge much due to the midew on the pellets but when i got them home i examined them to ascertain why they were called,”improved” with the only clue being the broad band standing proud of the base to the dome of this diabolo pelleI know the diabolo was invented in germany in the mid twenties due to the makers HAENEL and DIANA producing rifled models and engraving onto the grooves so important..with their new diabolo the germans reied on this being acheived by the skirt yet F.CLARKE seems to have designed the bulldog pellet with some driving band technology as in artillery shells…this is my theory.regards.HMG

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