Lincoln Jeffries “Scout” (c. 1922 to 1926)

This is the very rare Lincoln Jeffries “Scout”. It’s a pop-out pistol that was manufactured between c. 1922 and 1926 during the dawn of the British airgun revolution. It was available either blued or nickel-plated. Many had no markings other than on the grip whereas a few were stamped “LINCOLN JEFFRIES JUNR 120 STEELHOUSE LANE BIRMINGHAM” on the front edge of the grip frame.

The design is identical to the Dolla style pop-out pistols that were produced in vast numbers by various German manufacturers. I say identical but clearly, the appearance isn’t the same for where the Dolla’s spring is exposed, the Scout’s spring is shrouded. This gave the pistol much less of a toy appearance despite having similar performance. The Scout was also manufactured from steel rather than cast iron and sported moulded black hard rubber grips with detailed chequering and the words “Scout” and “British Make” on both sides.

Believe it or not, the Lincoln Jeffries company is still running and is owned and managed by Lincoln David Jeffries and Alan Richard Jeffries, the great-grandsons of George Lincoln Jeffries who started the business in 1873. However, to say the company is “still” running is somewhat misleading as the current company was incorporated in 1961. Today the company produces the Marksman range of airgun pellets as it has since the 1930s.

I have been looking for a Lincoln Jeffries Scout for quite some time. Then, whilst at a recent arms fair, I stumbled across it. I had visited all the tables at the fair and whilst there was a spectacular range of airguns to be bought, none were tickling my fancy. Just when I thought I might call it a day, I saw it. The light was poor and it could have been the similar Frank Clarke Briton but somehow my instincts kicked in. It was the Scout! It was the Scout with a box no less!

There was no procrastinating. A quick haggle and my wallet was utterly empty! None of the other dealers got a second look from me that day. I was happy though, if not shell-shocked. I was in a daydream all the way home.

There will be a full detailed article about Lincoln Jeffries and Company, the Scout and the Lincoln air pistols in due course.

Until next time, happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee

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