Webley and Scott Pre-War .22 Calibre Pellet Tin

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A Webley and Scott pre-war .22 calibre pellet tin. These tins are distinctly different from the more common post-war tin. They are also quite rare in comparison. The most notable difference between the pre-war and post-war tins is the singular rifle reference. This is because when these tins were produced in the late 1930s, Webley and Scott were producing only one model of air rifle, the MKII Service Air Rifle. Production of the MKI had ceased a few years earlier.

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Jimmie Dee

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  1. I just happen to have a W & S MKII Service Air Rifle in .22 from the early 30’s. It proudly hangs on my wall with a W & S Senior Air Pistol in .22 from the early 30’s.

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