Weihrauch HW45 (Early Variant c. 1988)

A new pistol for the collection! An early variant c.1988 Weihrauch HW45. This is a .22 calibre model which on the early models had a single cocking position providing full power. The .177 model had a half-power as well as a full power setting.

The HW45 was the first “new” air pistol I had as a teenager in 1985. Surprisingly it only took a small amount of persuasion to convince my father to buy it. I seem to remember they were £99 at the time! Today they fetch around £180 second hand!

I gave mine away when I left home for college and ever since regretted doing so. At last, I have finally found one with its original brown box, test target with matching serial number, instruction leaflet, Weihrauch tag, Allen key and spare breech seal still in the plastic zip pouch. The pistol appears to have never been used!

Until next time, happy shooting!

Jimmie Dee

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