FB Record Jumbo (1982 to c. 1997)

This is the FB Record Jumbo, standard model. It was manufactured in West Germany from 1982 to circa 1997. The standard model has chequered walnut grips and fixed sights. On the other hand, the “deluxe” model usually has smooth curved walnut grips and an adjustable rear sight. There is at least one deluxe model that is known to have carved oak-leaf pattern grips. Continue reading “FB Record Jumbo (1982 to c. 1997)”

Riflescope Setup – Part 2: Scope Cant and Why You Don’t Want It

In part 1 I spoke about riflescope eye relief, how to select a riflescope with respect to eye relief and your rifle and how to mount your riflescope, again within the context of eye relief. In this article, I will discuss scope cant, what it is, its effects on the pellet’s impact point and how to eliminate it. Continue reading “Riflescope Setup – Part 2: Scope Cant and Why You Don’t Want It”

Air Match 600 Target Air Pistol (late 1980s)

The Air Match 600 single stroke pneumatic is an Italian target air pistol that was manufactured by Air Match in the late 1980s. It is side lever cocking but interestingly, as the lever is extended, is causes the barrel to slide forwards to reveal the breech at which point the pistol can be loaded. The hammer is cocked only when the lever is fully extended. The whole movement is very smooth and there is no free movement of the barrel at all. Continue reading “Air Match 600 Target Air Pistol (late 1980s)”

Webley and Scott MKI Air Rifle

The Webley and Scott MKI air rifle! The MKI was manufactured between 1925 and 1932. It was available in both .177 and .22 calibres. It was effectively a larger version of the Webley and Scott MKI air pistol using the same, albeit extended, barrel cocking method. Continue reading “Webley and Scott MKI Air Rifle”

The Westley Richards “Highest Possible” (non-concentric) Air Pistol (c. 1907 to c. 1915) by Edwin Anson

In this article we are going to discover one of the key contributors of the British air pistol revolution of the early 20th century. Standing on the shoulders of his father’s success, he helped to drive forward and perhaps single handedly kick-started the British air pistol industry by developing an air pistol of such high standards that it possibly could no longer be considered within the realm of toys. Continue reading “The Westley Richards “Highest Possible” (non-concentric) Air Pistol (c. 1907 to c. 1915) by Edwin Anson”

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