Friedrich Langenhan and the Langenhan Dolla Air Pistols

This article will unveil the origins of the humble Dolla air pistol. We will discover the five variations of this air pistol, its manufacturers and some interesting personal relationships between them with Friedrich Langenhan central above all others. A story spanning two world wars which ultimately ends with the Soviet invasion of east Germany in 1945. Continue reading “Friedrich Langenhan and the Langenhan Dolla Air Pistols”

J.G. Anschütz Dolla MKII (c.1929 to 1939) Instagram Photos

This is the Dolla MKII manufactured by J.G. Anschütz between c.1929 and 1939 in Zella St Blasii-Mehlis, Thüringen, Germany – probably the gun capital of Germany at the time. Yes, that’s right, this pistol was made by the famous Anschütz family that are renowned throughout the world for their Olympic quality biathlon and target rifles. Continue reading “J.G. Anschütz Dolla MKII (c.1929 to 1939) Instagram Photos”

The Langenhan No. 2 “Dolla” (c. 1905 to c. 1934) Instagram Photos

The “Dolla” air pistol was produced by various manufacturers during the early 20th century. This particular variant was made by Langenhan from about 1905 to 1934 in Mehlis, Thüringen, Germany. They had two models, the No. 1 which was black lacquered and the No. 2 which was nickel-plated. This pistol is complete with its original wooden box, darts and push rod. Most of the box’s label is intact with an image of the pistol, six darts, push rod and the letters “No 2”.

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