Friedrich Langenhan and the Langenhan Dolla Air Pistols

This article will unveil the origins of the humble Dolla air pistol. We will discover the five variations of this air pistol, its manufacturers and some interesting personal relationships between them with Friedrich Langenhan central above all others. A story spanning two world wars which ultimately ends with the Soviet invasion of east Germany in 1945.

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Lincoln Jeffries “Scout” (c. 1922 to 1926)

This is the very rare Lincoln Jeffries “Scout”. It’s a pop-out pistol that was manufactured between c. 1922 and 1926 during the dawn of the British airgun revolution. It was available either blued or nickel-plated. Many had no markings other than on the grip whereas a few were stamped “LINCOLN JEFFRIES JUNR 120 STEELHOUSE LANE BIRMINGHAM” on the front edge of the grip frame.

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Henry Marcus Quackenbush and the Quackenbush Model 1 Air Rifle (mfd. 1876 to 1938)

In this article, I am going to talk about extension ladders, nutcrackers, oh, and a whole load of airguns! We’ve encountered Quackenbush in a couple of previous articles and now it is his turn to be centre stage. Together, we will discover all about Henry Quackenbush and his significant contribution to airguns. I warn you though, this is probably my largest article so far. Quackenbush did so much for the field of airguns that it would do him, and you, a disservice to gloss over his accomplishments. Oh, there’s a bit of a “gem” to be discovered too….

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The Whittall by Frank Clarke (circa 1918)

A new addition for the collection – The Whittall by Frank Clarke circa 1918. Possibly named after Whittall Street, Birmingham, England, where Frank Clarke and so many other gun manufacturers were situated. Smoothbore brass barrel “Dolla” popout style air pistol. The pin is not original and appears to be made from a nail, a piece of rubber and some type of knurled sleeve. I will commission a replica pin, true to the original, to be manufactured in due course.

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