The Challenger Arms Corporation Plainsman Pistol (Pneumatic) (1949-1951)

The Challenger Arms Corporation was a subsidiary company of the National Cart Corporation.  If you have been following our articles it will come as no surprise to you that the National Cart Corporation also produced the Apache range of air pistols and air rifles. After designing the Apache air pistol, Daniel Fogel, the Vice President of Design and Production at the National Cart Corporation, developed a .28 calibre air shotgun sometime mid-1948. But rather than add it to the Apache line Charles Burhans, the president of the National Cart Corporation, decided to market it via a separate company called the Challenger Arms Corporation. Perhaps Burhans had already realised that the Apache airgun range along with its high failure rate and free lifetime warranty was already doomed. Or perhaps they had not managed to productise the new air shotgun by the time the Apache and production tools had been sold to SIMCO. Whatever the reason, as far as Burhans and his associates were concerned, the Apache era was over and the Challenger range of air guns had begun! [1][2][3]

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